2016 September. Repairing the Organ Ceiling plasterwork.

Work required by Methodist Heritage to repair the damp falling plasterwork in the apse above the organ
IMG 3281ed  Inspecting the damp area IMG 0885  Scaffolding erected IMG 0887  Scaffolding erected IMG 0899  Scaffolding erected. Organ pipes removed and organ protected IMG 0903  Plasterwork exposed
IMG 0904  Plasterwork exposed IMG 0905  Plasterwork exposed IMG 0907  Plasterwork exposed IMG 0909  Plasterwork exposed IMG 0911  Organ Pipes
IMG 0927  Loose chimney removed IMG 0929  Roof work to stop water penetration and damage IMG 0930  Loose chimney removed graveyard1  Panorama from roof IMG 0955  Plaster ceiling dome
IMG 0956  Plaster ceiling dome IMG 0965  Roof work to stop water penetration and damage IMG 0976  New Chimney IMG 0978  Roof work to stop water penetration and damage IMG 0984  Plaster repair work
IMG 0988  Plaster repair work IMG 0990  Plaster repair work IMG 0992  Plaster repair work IMG 0995  Roof work IMG 0998  Roof work
Gutters  Rainwater repairwork IMG 0996  Roof repaired IMG 0997  Chimney detail IMG 0999  Chimney detail IMG 1002  Plaster work
IMG 1004  Moulding IMG 1005  Plasterwork IMG 1006  Plasterwork IMG 1007  Plasterwork IMG 1008  Mouldings
IMG 1012  Plasterwork IMG 1013  Plasterwork IMG 1014  Plasterwork IMG 1019  Plasterwork IMG 1021  Plasterwork
IMG 1023  Plasterwork IMG 1024  Plasterwork IMG 1025  Plasterwork IMG 1077  Painting begins IMG 1078  Painting begins
IMG 1080  Painting begins IMG 1092  Painting finished IMG 1093  Painting finished IMG 1094  Painting finished IMG 1096  Painting finished
IMG 1157  Painting finished IMG 1155  Scaffolding removing IMG 1158  Last view of plasterwork