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Mount Zion School Visits

Spend the day at Mount Zion where John Wesley
(the founder of the Methodist Church) preached

Pupils will learn about 'Sunday School' and what they could and couldn't do on a Sunday.
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The children in costumes they wear for the day
hand writing
John Wesley Hand Puppet
As part of the children's literacy they use nib pens and ink to write a piece about life in the days of the Wesley's
You may even get a chance to meet Rev John Wesley on your visit to Mount Zion
Metal detecting in the grounds

Spinning Tops

We now have metal detectors where the children can go and search for lost treasure as part of their learning experience The children can make spinning tops and decorate them as these were toys that children were allowed to play with on a Sunday

£3.00 per child

Please don't hesitate to contact Matthew Townsend with any booking queries,

Here are some thank you letters from children who have spent the day at Mount Zion Chapel
Thankyou Letter
Thank you letter
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