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Mount Zion Bronze Age Collared Urn


A Bronze Age Collared Burial Urn was found in the graveyard at Mount Zion Chapel in 1877.

Mr. Raymond Varley has published a research paper on the Collared Urn found at Mount Zion. The 2023 updated version can be downloaded here.

The reconstruction of the Bronze Age Collared Urn can be viewed at the Tolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield HD5 8DJ.

Graham Taylor, Potted History, is producing a replica of the Bronze Age Collared Urn which will be displayed at Mount Zion.

Graham visited the Tolson Museum to view the reconstructed Bronze Age Collared Urn (Figure 1) before creating the replica in his workshop (Figure 2).

Fiigure 1 Graham Talyor, Master Potter, examining the reconstruction of the Bronze Age Collared Urn, that was found at Mount Zion Chapel, at the Tolson Musuem viewing room in May 2023.

Figure 2 A picture of the replica Bronze Age Collared Urn in progress in August 2023.

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