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Mount Zion c1910


Mount Zion is one of two designated Heritage Chapels in the Calderdale Circuit, the second being the octagonal chapel at Heptonstall.


What is heritage?

The term heritage incorporates history, buildings, artefacts, events, culture, traditions, beliefs and practices which, although rooted in the past influence the present, remain important today and may be used to inform the future.


What is a heritage chapel?

A heritage chapel is a historically significant Christian, Methodist place of worship, which is no longer used for its original purpose on a regular basis, but which remains a living space, used in a variety of ways by the whole community.


What do we offer at Mount Zion?

At Mount Zion we seek to encourage people to come together and aspire to be ‘home’ to a new community of communities, of all faiths and none. To this end we aim to offer a range of events and activities, inspired both by the Methodist story and the history and heritage of the wider community. These include open days, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, school visits, wellbeing, art, plus social justice, environment and stewardship activities, alongside social and community events. We work in partnership with local schools, colleges and organisations to deliver our programmes.

Mount Zion remains licensed for weddings and funerals. Acts of worship still take place six times a year at significant times in the Christian calendar and to mark important events in the history of the Methodist Church. The Chapel is open on Heritage Days, for quiet days and at other times by prior arrangement for school, college and adult group visits.


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