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Mount Zion Funerals and Graveyard Charges

Mount Zion's Graveyard is open for burials and ashes interments.

Please contact, our appointed gravediggers are O&W Crawshaw Ltd, for their chargers.

All requests for burial or interment of ashes must be made either to our Volunteer Property Steward, Mr Matthew Townsend, or our Minister with Pastoral Charge for Mount Zion, Rev'd Kathie Heathcoat,

Graveyard and Funeral Charges at Mount Zion

Funeral Services







Interment fees, burials

Burial Plot (max 1-person no future burial rights)


Additional Opening for existing burial rights


Monument fees

Small wooden cross or vase

No charge


£100 (Lawn Memorial)

Later inscriptions for existing burial rights


Interment fees, Ashes

Ashes Plot (max 1-person no fuure burial rights)


Additional Opening £125

Memorial Tablet*

Free (*Size and type allowed currently under review)

Later inscription for existing burial rights


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Page updated: November 22 2023
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